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Partners: The Movie III

Genre : Drama
Sutradara : Seiji Izumi
Pemeran : Yutaka Mizutani, Hiroki Narimiya, Tsuyoshi Ihara
Rate : 5.9 ( 13 users )
Tanggal Rilis : 26 April 2014 (JAPAN )
Kualitas : BRRip 720p
IMDB Link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2976472/

Tahun : | 2014

An article is posted in the newspaper with the title “A Man Is Kicked By A Horse And Dies.” The accident took place on a small island located 300 km away from Tokyo. The island is owned by a business man.
Because of the article, Mineaki Kai (Koji Ishizaka) from the National Police Agency orders Takeru Kanbe (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) to investigate rumors related to the island. Takeru Kanbe assigns Ukyo Sugishita (Yutaka Mizutani) and Tooru Kai (Hiroki Narimiya) to go to the island and investigate.



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